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I believe in submission as a liberating act, for those who, for some time, choose in the act of freedom to be free from responsibilities, and allow themselves to know new perspectives of pleasure being guided by those who awakened their confidence, admiration and desire to serve.

All my subs are trained so that they can exceed expectations, and do their best to match the level at which I deserve to be served, adored, admired and worshipped. Nothing less than that! I like excellence, and this is what I will always polish in all who submit to my whims.

I dominate men and women. I make domination the moment, in which I dedicate myself to taking my submissive to a step above what he would think he could experience. He admires himself, and he is proud. Because submission is much more than practical. Submission is full trust in someone. It is the delivery with a desire for transcendence. And if you really want all this, be very welcome to my world.

​Liberdade é ser quem você é? E gostar do que você gosta!





About 7 years ago, I started researching and

deepen your knowledge of BDSM.

Fetishism became my lifestyle, and I ended up

professionalizing myself and dedicating myself more and more

the practices, behaviors and desires that came

appearing more and more around me.

As a result I also observed, and experienced many

situations that made me realize how much our

Brazilian society is still backward with fetishism,

sadomasochism, and all matters related to

alternative sexuality. I realized that people care

the fetish directly to sex, who think about

sadomasochism as some kind of disorder, and I realized

also, many other taboos that made me want to know about

where all these labels came from almost ready-made.

I decided not only to be a Professional Dominatrix , but also a sexcoach and I understood that all these taboos are caused by the lack of information and the absence of quality content that conveys security and clarity to those looking for it.

As someone who experiences the fetish as a transcendent and liberating lifestyle, I am dedicated to promoting this culture and the BDSM environment in a way that I think is fair (as we are all entitled to information and security), through visual, audiovisual and writing production. of articles based on research done in reliable sources, with a lot of dedication.

I'm a good woman to myself, and I chose to be a Professional Dominatrix as a way of full personal fulfillment, not out of status, insecurity or a desire for revenge against the opposite sex. Yes, of course I'm ambitious, but it wasn't money that led me to this choice either. And yes, because I believe that people deserve much more, because when you have information and security, fetishism becomes another taboo break, it becomes the liberation from your own judgments and limitations. In addition to expanding the perception of pleasure beyond genius, of course.

I hope that people will one day be much more than labels. Let them be free, how I feel.

Mistress Ju Leah

  • Professional dominatrix;

  • sex coach

  • photograph

  • Fetishist

  • Campinas, sp

  • 32 years old.

  • Feet 40.

  • 1.79 m.

  • 66 kg.

  • Mannequin 40.

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