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Você já imaginou um mundo aonde você pode ser o que tem vontade de ser? Sem tabus, sem medo, sem preconceito... somente você e eu!

Você tem vontade de conhecer um mundo que te causa curiosidade, lhe desperta desejo?



Este é o meu espaço dentro do BDSM.

Serei tua guia, te apresentarei esta forma libertadora de vida, te conduzirei por novos caminhos e sensações, trazendo conhecimento, quebrando tabus e fazendo evoluir todos aqueles que passam por minhas mãos. 


Dominação Profissional

***Everything that happens in a BDSM session is agreed in advance between the Submissive and the Dominator, everything is consensual.

You got here so you mean you read about me? You certainly want to know something new that is worthwhile.

So from now on your name is slave.

Here my excitement, my desire and my pleasure are at stake. I decide how much I will use your body and your mind, if I will take you to exhaustion and to the limit.

It will be my animal, my doormat, my servant AND MY OBJECT. My body will involve you in an intense journey and my orders will lead you on the arduous path of my satisfaction.

I am brave, independent, beautiful and mouth disciplines and humiliates, my feet receive affection and kick you, my desire is intense and deep. I will not give you sentimental bonuses, but the certainty that you were born to serve a Woman.

I like to see him on his knees, begging for crumbs. I want to see him on the ground, because your obligation is to satisfy my sadistic desires!!


« Yes, my Domme - Yes, my Mistress - Yes, my Lady -Yes, my Queen - Goddess - Master

They will be the only ways, authorized by Me, for you to refer to My person.

Among appropriate punishments and humiliations you will have the example of my authority! These will be allies according to your behavior at the time! I'm very demanding and I don't admit being contradicted. A submissive for me will have to be polite, obedient

and worship me as the only Domme.

I will teach you how to satisfy a Woman and I will cure you of your stupid male pride. you will learn obedience, you will learn shame, and you will accept your new situation. you will be proud to SERVE ME, as I humiliate you and use you for my beautiful pleasure, tormenting and torturing you for my satisfaction and enjoyment.

Before the session itself, there is a short conversation, thus tracing the real profile of those who have the session. At this point it is allowed to talk more about you etc. The piece in which I participate can be from sensual to restricted. My style depends on the person I'm playing with. I can be rigorous Discipline Powerful Dominator, Master, Sensual or both, within everything I am a Dominant Woman. I like to control those who serve me. I like to manage sensations and observe their delicious reactions...

Each sub is treated according to their stamina and aptitude. Despite knowing many practices, I try to select the ones that I will use according to the submissive's profile and my desires at the moment, which means that a session can be: light, moderate and hard, Of course respecting the limits of each sub.

What is important is that both parties trust each other and enjoy together. Another important item is the slave's safety, that is, I as your Mistress will never put the slave's health or physical integrity at risk.

**I really appreciate common sense, good education, culture, and, above all, openness and honesty.

Among the practices I have experienced are some that I enjoy and experience most often.

Spanking - Inversion - Feminization - CBT - Immobilization - Deprivation of senses - Facesitting - Podolatry - Golden Rain - Psychological Domination - Crushing - Face Slapping - Blind Date - among others that are not listed.


- Values ​​range from 350.00 to 5.000.00 reais according to the practices of interest.
-The values ​​will be combined after telling me what type of session you are looking for

*I don't deal in values.

Schedule your session at least 1 day in advance.

The sessions will only be confirmed, in fact, after depositing 40% of the tax amount.

Remember, I don't submit for money. I play my own game, however, in that contracted period, I try to fulfill my wishes that go against what my slave asked for.

***I am absolutely interested that each slave is completely satisfied after each session, creating a bond of achievement that will lead him to return for new experiences. Therefore, feel free to give suggestions that are not related to the aforementioned Domination practices. We will look for new discoveries, in order for your fetishes to be performed in their entirety…***

"My secrets will be yours, Your wishes will be mine"


  • Remember that everything we do ends after the session is over and your sexuality and image don't change because of what we do. You will not cease to be neither more nor less man or woman for this pleasure.
    My mind is always open to new ideas. Tell me your eccentric fantasies

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