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​Liberdade é ser quem você é? E gostar do que você gosta!



Dare to transform yourself completely!!!

a sissy feliz servindo a sua rainha

Feminization has as a fetish object to see oneself as a female in a position of total submission and that the basic of this fetish is to be submissive to someone and behave/dress like a female, the variations from this are numerous and depend on the will of the dominated and the creativity of who is dominating. Some submissives like to be ordered to do their chores wearing maid's clothes, others hand over their body to the dominatrix and act like bitches in heat, while others seize the moment to be more emotional and gentle, the opposite of a sexist society waiting for a man.

In some cases, sissy wears a chastity belt as a supplemental form of humiliation and sexual control. There are cases in which the ruined orgasm is also practiced: the sissy is taken out of the belt, stimulated to something close to orgasm and then locked up again. It is, therefore, a practice based on humiliation.


Items available for Sissy transformation


-Silicone Breast 600g

Lingeries 38 to 44

M/G tights



Shoes/Boots/Sandals High Heel

Wigs of various colors and sizes

Make ups

False eyelashes

false nails




And that way I can teach you:
How you should behave, gesticulate, body posture, sensual form, feminine sympathy.

Você já imaginou você Sissy realizando um ensaio sensual?
Quer saber como? Me pergunte!

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