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virtual domination

are you ready to obey me and

to play?

Sessões Online

First let's get to the key point, is there virtual domination? In what I live and experience, full domination cannot be virtual. However, it is possible to have an experience of domination at a distance. Which is very different.

People who have experienced BDSM in practice, know how strong the experience is and will not settle for domination from a distance. We want the touch, the smell, the strength of the other's presence. A full session for both of you needs to be real.
On the other hand, there are people who reconcile real experiences with parts of remote domination due to not living in the same city.

In Virtual Domination, the relationship between Dominator and submissive develops through the screen, without direct physical contact. But contrary to what it may seem, it's not something monotonous and boring. With a serious Dominator and a willing submissive, practices and fantasies become almost limitless, with room for almost all tastes.

For more information on how to get a session with me, consult the topic "Practices and values" and let's toast my superiority.


The values ​​are the same for all the practices I develop, with differences only in terms of time. Regarding payment methods, I accept bank deposit.

• You must have a web cam
• Must have some accessories
• Be obedient
• I never show my naked body
• I never touch myself, don't insist
• The session will only be made upon payment. DO NOT INSIST.
• I develop the most diverse practices I know, including, among others:

• Verbal and physical humiliation;
• Feminization;
• Inversion;
• Self cbt;
• Self spanking.

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