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Mimos e Tributos

What is the hardest part of being dominant?

Ensure the slave's physical, social, emotional, spiritual and financial well-being.

What would you say to someone who saw these types of relationships as abusive?

Violence and abuse are horrible and should not be tolerated under any circumstances. Some BDSM activities (bondage, slapping, verbal degradation), if taken out of their erotic context, may resemble violent acts, but they are not at all; They are consensual activities among adults who get pleasure from them and who have the power to stop activities at any time.

Consent is critical.

What is the most important aspect of a Master/Slave relationship?

Love, trust, servitude, obedience.

Does Mistress do any preparation before liturgies? And if so, which would it be?

Yes, I do several. There is my personal preparation…which I see as a rite of beautification, which I don't give up, I like to calmly choose clothes, makeup, perfume, I like to be calm when beautifying myself, I like to enjoy myself and love myself in front of the mirror , I like to feel desire for myself with an X or Y outfit and if I'm not satisfied with the result, I change my clothes as often as necessary until I feel exuberant and beautiful. This is an important empowerment rite for me.

When I'm going to receive a sub in the session, the session only really starts when I put the collar on him…and that's after I've already talked to him eye to eye…. normally the sub enters with the tribute box in his bare hands and on his knees with the box in his hands, hands me the box and receives the collar….and then the session begins.

If Mistress could establish the skills of an ideal slave for you, what skills would you want him to have?

Not only skills but also characteristics: intelligence, effort, being faithful like a dog, courteous, patient, presentable and servile. Come at the snap of my fingers, in a more playful sense. For I know that in a real sense this will not be possible very often.

Can the submissive fall in love with the Lady?

Falling in love with me is not prohibited. But I warn you: I'm not looking for romance.

Sex and BDSM how are these two things related to you?

They are not related, in my opinion, but there is no general rule about that. In fact, it is not legal to generalize concepts in any aspect within BDSM. Everything is very relative and from the personal experience of each one.

How long have you liked and lived BDSM?

I've always liked foot caressing, although I didn't know the term podolatry. I think it all started there. I also once tied up a boyfriend of mine who was always up for everything I wanted to do. And at the time, I didn't even dream that the term Bondage existed either.

There was something deep down where he was awakened and never stopped. Everyone has a beginning. Since then I've been getting more and more interested and 7 years ago I immersed myself in this universe. It's a short time, but it was, it's being in a very intense, genuine and prudent way. And I am fully aware of my desires, of what I want to explore. It's a lot that attracts me about BDSM, fantasies and new experiences. But many of them have already done and I want to repeat. Others I didn't like. Others I didn't even have the interest. It's that simple!

Do you only dominate professionally or do you also select personal slaves, with no taxes being charged?

My profile is really professional, I never stopped to select one because merit is a rarity in the field. But there were and still are some that through chemistry, intimacy, trust acquired over time, respect, seriousness with the duties and orders dictated by me in single words, saving me from weariness. But I eventually have some yes.

What is the TOP 3 of your preferred practices?

Deprivation of meaning, Blind Date together, transformation with feminine accessories together with role reversal.

How can I schedule a session with you?

I work from Monday to Saturday. Sessions outside these days and times must be consulted in advance for approval. I do not perform last minute sessions, always at least 1 day in advance. Whether by email or Whats App, talk about your preferences and expectations, being polite and informing you how you found my website and setting the day and time for your session.

Description in the service?

I value my privacy immensely and, rest assured, I will very strictly preserve yours. Our session will be our secret. So come willing, because it's worth doing everything you want, desire and fancy.

Do you hold sessions in other cities and states?

This can exceptionally happen. But always with prior consultation and approval, and upon advance payment of tax and travel expenses. Expenses will include airfare and accommodation at a hotel of my choice.

Is the tax amount negotiable?

Absolutely yes. I will always be ready to accept that you pay taxes greater than those established. And, certainly, my happiness and commitment will be absolute.

Can you be a severe and sadistic Domme?

Certainly this will give me great pleasure, but always in a consensual and gradual way, exploring and expanding the limits. BDSM offers a huge rainbow of options, ranging from the extremely pleasant to the bizarre and painful.

Are you really as you appear in the photos?

I think I'm even better than in the photos. But in relation to them, I can assure you that there are no retouching or photoshop, being absolutely real.

Is there anything Mistress would like me to do before the session?

First, cleanliness and hygiene. And like every woman I love being given a gift. For this, you can consult suggestions on the Gift list tab.

Can you accompany me to a restaurant or bar before the session?

I love good restaurants and good meals, accompanied by quality wine. But these moments are reserved for frequent and familiar submissives, where I appear impeccably dressed. Commit yourself and you will have the opportunity to conquer this space.

Can I have something used in the session as a souvenir?

Yes definitely. But financial compensation will be necessary and adequate.

Sessions, rituals, scenes based on: SSC

Are, Safe and Consensual. The important triad that separates the acceptable and the objectionable in BDSM. Anything that can be classified as SSC is acceptable in BDSM, however much to some (or ourselves) it seems exaggerated or absurd. Likewise, anything that hurts one of the elements of the triad must be detested and condemned, however insignificant it may at first seem to be.

They are:

Healthy, hygienic, healthy, fair, upright, conscientious, sober, mature.


Prudent, restrained, cautious, responsible and respectful. It also refers to the physical and psychological safety and respect for the slave's personal, family and professional life (and, of course, also the Dominator's).


The safe word to be used by the slave when he no longer wants a scene. Signals that the scene must stop immediately.

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